Being active in the field of music since more than 20 years, I finally decided to launch the brand TWL Guitars® in 2009 with the aim to combine tradition and modernity. All the instruments are designed in the city of Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

Having owned and played so many different guitars over the years, I felt the need to create my own line of guitars by taking the good parts on the established brands and to improve the parts that I found was not in line with the instruments. I added my personal touch in terms of designs, wood combination, hardware and electronic. The result is that TWL Guitars® is able to overcome existing boundaries to produce unusual instruments.

Working closely with musicians, listening to their needs, involve them already in the prototype phase helped me to ensure that the instruments are ready for studio work as well as being able to handle the rigor of the road during tours.

You have the possibility to make a custom painting on the California line, please ask us for details and prices. You could also order directly to us, please send us an email for details.

No matter which line or design you choose, one thing is sure, you will love to play a TWL Guitars®. Thank you for visiting our website, and do not hesitate to send us an email if you need more information.

Inspired by rock history and current music trends, our instruments are the new generation of guitars!

Vincent Berger
Founder of TWL Guitars®.